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Sure you can! But you might need two e-mail addresses. You need to invite 'yourself' as a mobile user to log into 2 different devices. But don't you have a colleague nearby to test how it works? Just walk around or while your colleague is at it, see if you can use the Gemvision video call to get just the right coffee or something!

Gemvision is free to start! We believe you have to try it to believe it. So a free 30 day trial should be enough to convince you. Next to that you don't have to own a smart glass. It works just as well with your laptop, smartphone or tablet. And if you're ready to upgrade, you just pay per user. See our pricing for more information, or just start your free trial!

If you start with Gemvision, you can be sure it's your standards. Especially in healthcare related organisations, where sensitive data is everywhere.
- For starters, we don't use third party software to make our platform work.
- Our data partners are ISO and NEN certified and keep your data safe.
- All connections are encrypted to the highest standard.
- The function for making groups lets you control what people can and cannot see.
We feel that your safety and security should be standard practice.

Gemvision Dashboard it run from the safety of your browser. So just open you browser on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone an go! We advice you to use Google Chrome. Do make sure you have Google Chrome v59+, anything from 59 and above will work. This also enables the screen sharing functionality. Install the Gemvision Chrome Plugin to enable screen sharing. The iOS and Android app that you use as a mobile user are ready for your smartphone and tablet. And of course, the smart glass app. Available in the Vuzix, ODG or store of you smart glass brand. Check out The compatibility page for additional information.

Wi-fi connections can be packed with thick layers of security, to test whether or not the firewall settings are blocking connection, you can do the following to make sure Gemvision will work perfectly. Check out The compatibility page where a connection check is described. You can also fill in this Connection Form where we can assist you personally.

Yes. You can add multiple users at the same time. Do you have to add 100+ users at the same time? Then it's smart to contact us. We could facilitate that for you!

Updates on desktop are automatic and on smartphones and tablets it's not different from updating other apps. On smart glass however this is somewhat new. The preferred method of updating your Vuzix smart glass is via the included OTA (Over The Air) update mechanism, which will require the Vuzix smart glass to be connected to a stable WiFi network with internet access. For the exact steps please visit The Compatibility page.

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