Pricing, Payment & Purchasing FAQ

First you sign up. Just follow the steps, create your environment and activate. Then you upgrade from inside your environment from the billing and plans panel. You don't have to specify a number of users, since the plans will grow with you and you only pay for the users in your environment.

Pro features are activated from the dashboard in the section where you manage your plans and subscription. When you activate Gemvision Pro, you'll get a one-month free trial to make sure the Pro features are what you need! Afterwards the fee will be charged to your credit card or selected payment method. You pay for the feature or 'upgrade' and all users in your environment are able to benefit from these Pro features.

Yes, you can buy hardware from Gemvision. This is the 'Ready-to-go' pack including smart glasses and smart case. More information is available in our shop. Check out more information about Gemvision hardware packages and protective field casings here: Gemvision Hardware

After your 30-day trial, or after you choose to upgrade, you simply go to upgrade Gemvision in your environment. There you can fill in your credit card details and you're good to go! Gemvision automatically tracks the number of users, upgrades and downgrades as your team changes. You can always see what your next invoice will be. And if you want to use the Pro features, just activate them from your account. Easy as can be.

Currently we only accept credit cards. In the future we'll add more methods. If you have a special request or would like to set up a platform for a large number of users at once, please contact us for a special offer.

If you'd like to develop bespoke augmented reality solutions, combined with your Gemvision environment, please contact our sales department for an intake and customisation proposal.

Your free trial lasts 30 days and you can call one hour for free. If you want to share photos and such, you have 500mb storage space to start with. That's plenty to test Gemvision well. You even have a little dashboard to see how much you've used. And if you want more? Just hit the upgrade button!

Everyone starts free. When you add users, the counter in your dashboard will reflect your plan. When you pass the threshold of the maximum number of users for the free trial, or for another plan, you'll be asked to upgrade to the next plan. This is pay-as-you-grow! And if you need to delete users for whatever reason, your plan will move with you. This and more is displayed on your dashboard.

When you add users in your environment, the number of users will be counted and reflected on your invoice. If you reach a threshold, the price of the next tier will be activated. So if you have 150 users, you have 49 users in the first tier and 101 users in the next tier. So 49 users pay the first-tier price and 101 users will pay the rate of the next tier.

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