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But you might need some guidance. Check out the following FAQ to see if we can assist you. There will be answers about features and also upcoming features.

  • Video calling
  • Augmented Instructions
  • Screen sharing
  • Groups
  • User management
  • Workflow builder

Feature questions

Are you operating from Google Chrome? First make sure that you are operating from Google Chrome for desktop.
Screen sharing from mobiles, tablets or other devices is not supported.
Next you have to install the Gemvision Chrome Extension from the Google store.
You might want to relaunch your browser in order for it to be effective.
You can also user Firefox browser. This works without an extension.
If you experience any other issues, please contact support.

Currently Gemvision is only supported in Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Other browsers might work, but are not optimized and do not allow screen sharing, for example. Additional browser compatibility will be coming soon, though. For the best performance and for screen sharing, use Firefox or Google Chrome and add the Gemvision extension to allow for screen sharing.

This is usually a browser issue on the desktop. First make sure you have updated your browser (or mobile app) to the latest version. And make sure you use Google Chrome. Gemvision does not support other browsers yet. Relaunch your browser and check if you can make a call. If you're on another device, make sure you have te latest version of the app, or run the connectivity check on our compatibility page to see if your network is obstructing a connection. If the problem keeps recurring, please contact support.

Yes, you can! The user management module is designed to fit different types of organisations. Whether you need to subdivide your environment into locations where teams work, or you need to set up (private) teams within your organisation, this is all possible. The rules and restrictions prevent other users that are not in this team from seeing shared files, pictures or other data.

This feature is coming soon! You'll be able to set up group conferencing, watch with multiple viewers through the perspective of the smart glasses that are streaming their vision, and much more.

You can receive a shared screen from a desktop on mobile and tablet, but you cannot share a screen from mobile or tablet. Mobile and tablet is mostly used for field work where you use the app to share what you see with the camera in a video call.

Feature questions

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