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It's basically a video communication tool using augmented technology to improve communication and instructions during jobs. It overlays information making it visible to users wearing smart glasses or using other smart devices. Text- and audio-based communication was once the standard, but this is rapidly being replaced by 'Augmented Video Communication'. Presented information can be produced by sensory data, human instructions (e.g., live drawing on screen) or smart instructions based on location, task and other parameters and displayed on wearable devices. Smart glasses, smartphones, tablets and other wearables can be connected to your Gemvision environment. This allows the field operator to receive valuable information where they need it, when they need it, without physically touching the device or interrupting the job at hand.

The answer is most likely: Yes! For example, if you currently use communication software like WhatsApp or Skype, you won’t know where your data is stored. And wouldn't it be great to actually show someone at the office (or anywhere else) what you mean while you discuss a problem? Or maybe you have certain steps you always need to follow, if only to verify a job has been properly completed. This and more is precisely what Gemvision does, on your own secure, private platform. It is a generic tool, for highly specialised jobs. Just sign up and see for yourself!

Getting started is easy! Just sign up to start your free trial and within 2 minutes you will be up and running on your private communication platform.

Everyone starts free. If you add users, the counter in your dashboard will reflect your plan. When you pass the threshold of the maximum number of users for the free trial, you'll be asked to upgrade to the next plan. This is pay-as-you-grow!

Sure you can! But you might need two email addresses. You need to invite 'yourself' as a mobile user to log in to two different devices. But don't you have a colleague nearby to test how it works? Just walk around or while your colleague is at it, see if you can use the Gemvision video call to get just the right coffee or something!

No! Gemvision also works fine without connected smart glasses. The remote support features or smart step-by-step workflows work just as well on your smartphone and tablet. But you might have to hold them in your hand when you're showing what you see. Smart glasses enable you to have your hands free and immediately follow instructions. Smart glasses are also voice-operated and use object recognition for example to start a workflow. So if you need to have your hands free to work on a particular task, you might want to consider smart glasses!

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