Gemvision Releases

Gemvision V2.7.2.9

Smart Glasses and Smartphones Android/IOS:

  • Improved functionality for multi conference
  • Improved user interface workflows
  • Enhanced video player for workflows
  • Remote flashlight for smartphones added
  • Improved quality and performance for picture taking during call
  • Improved audio to avoid echo
  • Multi conference calendar invitations (desktop)
  • Whatsapp integration for guest calls
  • Improved bitrate and quality during video call
  • Additional protection on image access

Gemvision V2.7.1.3

  • Improved security on saved images
  • Bug fixes in Android/iOS app for mobile and smart glasses
  • Improved stability for desktop and mobile.
  • Faster high quality image upload.

Gemvision V2.7.0.3

  • Improved stability Multi conferencing for mobile devices
  • Improved quality video call for mobile devices
  • Easy conference joining through link invite for mobile devices
  • Improved User interface for mobile devices
  • Improved usability multi conferencing voor Blade Glasses
  • Switch from regular call to multi conference in Smart Glasses
  • Improved video recording through smart glasses
  • Improved connection stability for desktop
  • Improved call quality on desktop

Gemvision v2.7.0.2

  • Improved multi conference feature: more participants.
  • Automatic after call reporting
  • Improved UI
  • Overall quality and stability improvements for desktop, mobile and smart glasses
  • Recorded video’s and pictures viewable in gallery
  • Improved speech recognition
  • Improved background content uploads mobile and smart glasses

Gemvision v2.6.0.0

  • Bug fixes
  • Improved HD snapshot
  • Improved stability
  • Enhanced features in Workflow builder
  • Whatsapp integration guest calls
  • Creation partner portal
  • E-mail after call reporting
  • Vuzix Blade compatibility
  • Speech recognition Vuzix Blade & M300
  • Added Japanese in workflows
  • Feature: record video’s
  • Call report after finishing call
  • Start Gemvision upon powering glasses up
  • Improved login on smart glasses
  • Guest call with anonymous call feature

V_2.3.0.3 14/08/2019

Gemvision is continuously improving its software to enhance the quality, stability and dependability. For a detailed description, please continue reading. 

Gemvision Dashboard for desktop:

  • HD snapshot from the glasses/mobile during a call.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Record your own video stream or the remote stream.
    • Choose between own stream or incoming stream recording.
  • Call center for client users that use the GemAssist service application
  • Workflow builder to create and share linear step by step digital guides.
  • Website now available in 8 languages; 
    • English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Portugese, French, German.

Android smart glass & smartphone application:.

  • New feature: HD snapshot during a call
  • Various bug fixes
  • GemAssist (mobile/tablet) has been released, work in pair with the call center -see documentation for more info.
  • Access to the workflows from the glasses or the Gemvision mobile app
  • Possibility to receive a call even when the app is off on mobile/tablet
  • App now available in 8 languages

V_2.3 24/06/2019

Gemvision Dashboard for desktop:

  • Minimizing call window now possible
  • New feature: possibility to call an offline mobile user with push notification.
  • Sleeping mode enabled on mobile when it goes offline
  • Various bug fixing
  • Mirror own preview video from the camera
  • Switch to front camera when using on mobile browser

Android smart glass & smartphone application:.

  • Redesigned mobile and glasses apps.
  • Fixed issue with scanner on the Vuzix Blade.
  • Added push notifications on mobile: possibility to call while offline.
  • Added feature: take a snapshot in HD during a call on glasses.
  • Various bug fixing

V_2.2 20/05/2019

Version 2.2 focused on improving the call stability. For a detailed description, please continue reading.

Gemvision Dashboard for desktop:

  • Fix various small UI issues
  • Improved the information of the billing,
  • Added a preview of your own camera stream during a call
  • Fixed some typos
  • Improved the video call buttons to make them responsive
  • Improved the UI of the user status during a call
  • Improved reconnection management
  • Improvement of camera error handling

Android smart glass & smartphone application:

  • Improved login screen on glasses. There is now more options and indications.
  • Fixed some issue with the UI on the Vuzix Blade.
  • Improved stability of the call feature.
  • Improved user status. It will now be perfectly synced with the call.
  • Improved battery management.
  • Improved the reconnection mechanism when the wifi is lost.
  • Improved the screen sharing feature, it should now work 100% of the time.
  • Fixed various small issue causing the app to become unstable.

V_2.1.0.3 16/04/2019

Android smartphone application: 

  • Battery consumption improvement.
  • GPS improvement.
  • Fixed issue with the WebRTC connection that used to drain battery.
  • Removed heartbeat service and associated features (Notifications, gallery) for battery gain.

V_2.1 28/03/2019

Version 2.1 focused on browser compatibility, connection security and improving platform stability. For a detailed description, please continue reading.

Gemvision Dashboard for desktop:

  • New browser compatibility for Safari and Firefox (BETA)
  • Added user search feature
  • Enhanced digital in-call zoom feature
  • Shared files tabs were added. A user can have a better overview on which files they shared with each other.
  • Improved tablet stability
  • Improved activity logs with ‘call started’ and ‘call ended’
  • Improved activities feature
  • Improved information on the billing page.
  • Added the possibility to cancel the subscription in the admin tool.
  • Added mobile version desktop login for dashboard uses (beta)
  • Various small UI fixes (days left in free trial, Zendesk button, billing, …)
  • Improved automation and redirection on registration
  • Added loader + loading time improved
  • Screen sharing improved stability
  • Restyling of dashboard
  • WebRTC communication server refactoring: improved connection on (heavily) protected networks; switched to unified-plan for improved (browser) compatibility.
  • Improved bandwidth usage on WebRTC
  • Added automated connection ‘health check’.
  • Improved UI screens to make the distinction between the call connecting and the call getting established.
  • Added plan and usage tab. To have on overview of your current usage.

Android smart glass & smartphone application:

  • Improved reset password feature
  • Improved activity logs ‘call started’ and ‘call ended’
  • WebRTC communication server refactoring: improved connection on (heavily) protected networks; switched to unified-plan for improved (browser) compatibility.
  • Added manual login feature
  • Improved error messages
  • Added sound control during call
  • Fixed screen sharing issue with resolution