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Delft, The Netherlands, 06 December 2018
Gemvision is the world’s next step to improving team communication.
At CES 2019, Gemvision launches this great new solution. Teams in healthcare, industry, maintenance and many other branches will use this 100% private platform for augmented remote support and step-by-step work processes.

We foresee that the smart glass will be the new smartphone, especially on jobs where hands-on workers need to be handsfree. Gemvision is free to start and up and running within two minutes.

Are you at CES2019?

Visit us @ Holland StartUp Pavilion Sands, Hall G, Booth 51726

Since everyone should be able to use this new standard in team communication, the Click & Go onboarding will setup your own private environment in a flash. Ready to start connecting remote workers, without any intermediate sales persons. The pay-as-you-grow plans will keep it simple and allow you to keep check of costs. So, optimise team communication right away, your way. We‘ve already improved onboarding times of new personnel by 50% at various companies, boosted first time fix rates with 30% and made possible that patient wound check-ups could be done in 1/3 of the usual time. You have to see it to believe that this is also possible for your industry. We promise you a generic tool, for highly specific jobs.

What drives us: 

Talent scarcity, long staff onboarding times and an outflow of senior specialists in (tech) companies is a huge problem these days.

This was no different for a large air-conditioning manufacturer that expressed its concerns to us in a casual conversation. They told us that even if we find good staff, it takes two years for them to know our products inside-out and to be ready to work fully autonomous on-site. On site means: on the roof of large buildings, where air-conditioners are mainly installed. The data and information about these machines are very complex, and new employees can spend hours searching to get the right data, at the right time. For example, error information and maintenance instructions on the roof. This proved to be very hard and often these engineers call the helpdesk for technical support. But support through a phone often raises more questions than it solves. And ultimately, abandoning a job and not solving the problem results in a decrease companies’ reputation, costs and inefficiency.

  • Gemvision is a Top 3 finalist @ the Dell for Entrepreneurs startup competition 2018.

Boilerplate:  Gemvision (2015); Augmented Workforce Communication. A turnkey solution and the new standard in smart, video-based communication. Our Software as a Service (SAAS) platform is easy to install, configure and upgrade as you go. It supports current IT- infrastructures and merges easily with future smart, IoT and wearable devices (Cross device/OS compatibility). Combining Gemvision and its built-in AR tools with the AR Smart Glasses creates an instantly more productive and efficient workforce. You use Gemvision dashboard in your browser or download the field-user app in the AppStore or Google Play.

Gemvision is free to start!

After your free trial Gemvision is a pay-as-you-grow where you only pay for the users active in your environment. Want to know more about our price plan? Check our Gemvision pricing.

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Do you have any other requests or would you like to schedule an interview? 
Please contact with a clear description and purpose, and we'll contact you shortly.


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