Gemvision and We.Stream innovate remote support solutions in healthcare and maintenance industry.

Dutch startups Gemvision and We.Stream partner up to innovate remote support solutions in the healthcare and maintenance industry. Their joint services decrease the workload for healthcare professionals and equips maintenance experts with an expert stand-by at any location. This service will be realised with Gemvision’s communication platform, augmented reality smart glasses and a globally available and stable internet connection. The two companies were both part of the Dutch Trade Mission at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. They met each other at the Holland Pavilion and been in contact since then to cooperate. The official announcement of this cooperation is a great new example of the business opportunities that CES creates for Dutch tech companies.

Augmented reality specialist Gemvision develops hard- and software solutions in this field. We.Stream’s mobile WiFi-hotspot offers global internet access to multiple networks per country. Gemvision adds We.Stream as of now to their ‘Smart Glasses Field Kit’.

Gemvision’s projects in the healthcare results in a more efficient patient care. Together with the healthcare industry, Gemvision offers a solution to ‘bring the hospital to the patient’s home’. In the maintenance sector, problems are solved faster and first-time fix rates increase significantly. 
For the offering of an all-in-one kit to their customers, Gemvision now adds We.Stream to this toolkit. The integrated Cloud SIM of the We.Stream device, which automatically selects the best available mobile network, is one of the key features of We.Stream. Together with the option to insert a local SIM-card in the We.Stream, these were the drivers for Gemvision to the partnership with We.Stream. 

Mark Smit, CEO and Founder at Gemvision explains:
“Our customers ask for the most reliable solutions to work from everywhere. A stable internet connection is one of the most important requirements to realize this, together with the smart glass itself and a power unit. This is what creates reliable and practical innovation in the field. When I tested We.Stream myself during our first meeting at CES in Las Vegas, I was impressed with the features of this hotspot. It uses multiple networks in almost each country of the world and also offers the flexibility of using your own SIM cards. This is the best combination for both our international and local operating customers.“

Jurgen ter Hoeve, CEO at We.Stream:
“When I first heard about Gemvision, I was immediately enthusiastic about their innovative projects. I am convinced that our solution is a very valuable addition in the portfolio of Gemvision. Remote support and healthcare will definitely take off even more in the near future. I am proud that we will contribute in this field with We.Stream.” 

About We.Stream
We.Stream is a secure mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that offers travellers worldwide secure and affordable mobile internet. We.Stream was launched successfully at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Since the launch, We.Stream has won several technology awards and managed to sign major resellers across the globe. We.Stream is an initiative of Mondicon, who offers international mobile data solutions. We.Stream has offices in Netherlands and in the USA.

About Gemvision
Since 2015, Gemvision develops communication software to optimize team and customer communication with a real-time video connection and Augmented Reality. These software applications are installed on smart glasses, smartphones, tablets and PC’s. This realizes remote support solutions in the healthcare and maintenance industries. Gemvision is a key partner of Vuzix Corporation and is nominated as one of the most innovative startups of The Netherlands. In 2019, Gemvision joined the Dutch Delegation at the CES in Las Vegas together with His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn van Oranje, being one of the 50 selected startups. 

Robert Pronk
Brand Manager We.Stream   
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