Vuzix smart glasses VIP partner

What is the Vuzix VIP Program?

The VIP Program is an invitation only opportunity for a limited number of the most successful developers of software applications for Vuzix smart glasses. These accounts have been hand selected and invited to participate because they have demonstrated excellence in developing and deploying applications that have been tested in the field and proven to provide value and workflow efficiency in the enterprise space.

The Vuzix Integration Partner (VIP) Program is designed to further recognise and support our most valuable partners. In short, we’re giving developers who are serious about expanding the use of Smart Glasses technology in enterprise environments the opportunity to leverage significant financial, marketing, technology, business support and incentives.

What does it mean to be a Vuzix VIP?

Vuzix has already proven its ability to deliver the leading Smart Glasses hardware in the industry. We are now rewarding application developers – those who are especially committed to Vuzix, and the Smart Glasses industry at large with the best channel support program in the industry.

Gemvision and Vuzix

Thanks to these great smart glasses, we’ve been able to develop our software and integrate it in real-life scenario’s throughout different industries. Currently Gemvision runs solely on Vuzix hardware. This recognised partnership makes us benefit mutually to bring smart glass usage with Gemvision installed accessible and dependent for the mass.

Gemvision and Vuzix also co-develop Vuzix Remote Assist. This is the remote support client of Vuzix powered by Gemvision software.

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