“Our mission is to provide creative support that helps anyone involved in your Organisation give a voice to their ideas regarding Digitalization Processes and Platform Implementations, cultural Organisation Changes, BPM-Oriented Transmission also as Technical Realisation and Platform Tuning.

PPS is defining, realising, implementing and monitoring Your KPI’s in all Business Critical Functions and Applications on Your Digital Platforms together with You.”

Industries served: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Insurance, Logistics
Regions Served: European Union, Great Britain, United States

Specialised Services and Offers:

– Augmented Maintenance

Get Boosted. Your Service technicians are on site, doing maintenance and have immediate access to Your ERP, CRM, Service Units and are backed through Your Support Experts to check the equipment, find the right spare parts, using the right tools, see if there are the right original parts and much more. Everything online and visualised.

– Standard Performance Packages

For all supported Platforms, such as Liferay, Hybris, Intershop, Microsoft Azure IoT, Mindsphere, AWS IoT and ELK Stack, we deliver Standard Assessments regarding Performance, Flexibility, Code Optimisation and Security.

– Automated Website AI-Analytics

Everything is fine with SEA and SEO but Your customers do not stay? Use our State-of-the-Art AI-Algorythms and find out out why and where they stop and optimize Your Sites to get people stay on Your Presence and use Your Offerings. Just contact us for detailed Information.

The partnership

PPS – platform offers Gemvision’s solutions to a broad audience in specialised markets. They’ve already connecter Pronautas to the platform and we’re confident that more will follow soon.

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