Region: Africa
Industry: AR Technology

Exclusive African technology partner for Gemvision established officially in 2021 with more than 10 years of experience in Augmented Reality. ORISTO-AR are a dynamic team focused on assisting enterprise with System Integration towards

Augmented Reality benefits. Based in Midrand, South Africa but are servicing business just like yours ACROSS Africa.

ORISTO-AR Support Assist combines your solution of Augmented Reality (AR), smart glass headwear, secure customised software, IOT experience and accessories into a revolutionary solution that puts business efficiency and customer service 1 st.

Wear a pair of Smart Glasses, setup an appointment and you can have an expert in your office available at your convenience to see what you see, advise and problem solve in Realtime without any travel costs or challenges. Solve problems faster, improve processes and operations, accelerate knowledge transfer, retain staff knowledge, and reduce overall costs.

In short:

The basis of ORISTO-AR: – a remote collaboration tool that enables industry experts in an entirely different location to receive a live video feed, take screenshots and make notes for everyone to see as colleagues onsite examine, perform workflows and service technical equipment.

Want to know more about ORISTO-AR? click here: https://www.oristoar.co.za/

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