MobileTrack is a Track & Trace System Integrator active in high-quality Solutions Consultancy, Location Based Services, ICT, Apps development and original Track & Trace solutions based on GPS, RfiD, Wifi, UWB, Zigbee and Mobile Data.

The core of the MobileTrack service is the MobileTrack Universal Gateway and the facilitation of Track & Trace solutions to third parties. The MUG is an equipment, hardware and protocol developed open Track & Tracé and Mobility platform accessible to every manufacturer and service provider.

The MobileTrack Track & Trace solutions such as our unique Care and Security Module are suitable for communicating, tracing, locating and tracking vehicles, objects and people via, for example, the MobileTrack Online Portal with or without a 24 x 7 Emergency Center. The services of MobileTrack are independent equipment, hardware and platform and offer possibilities for facilitating companies and third parties.

MobileTrack is a flexible and experienced service provider with a focus on ensuring that the product, solution and / or services are optimally aligned from A to Z with your business operations and wishes. In addition, MobileTrack facilitates the preconditions to actually make and keep the solutions successful.

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