DROAM was founded in 2010 as one of the first global mobile roaming solution providers. Since then, we have created multiple global connectivity solutions for mobile broadband, IoT, and M2M customers. Built on years of experience, we continue to develop solutions based on physical SIM, eSIM, and virtual SIM. Our focus lies on providing our customers the most reliable cellular connectivity as possible, by working with over 500 cellular networks around the globe.

Market: Roaming, IoT, M2M solutions, Mobile broadband hardware.
Regio: Worldwide
Core business: Roaming and connectivity solutions, wide range of products even for local purposes.

“We take pride in being persistent to overcome all obstacles and find the right solution to any challenge faced. We don’t get discouraged by problems and bumps in the road and see every situation as at worst a challenge and at best an opportunity. We use creativity, intelligence, and inner fortitude to succeed.”

Gemvision uses these roaming solutions in the Read to Go packs to assist field workers and provide them with the best connection possible.

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