Zilveren Kruis: “We use innovations to tackle the labor market problem.”

Why? Innovation can make more time available for healthcare.

With the same working method, the Netherlands will have a major shortage of healthcare personnel in the Wlz until 2040. The number of customers who use the Wlz is increasing. The number of available employees is insufficient to meet the increasing demand for care. And the already high workload that employees experience will increase even further. With the custom agreement innovations for tackling labor market problems we stimulate and support healthcare providers to deploy innovations that contribute to tackling labor market problems. Together with healthcare providers, we want to ensure that more time is available for healthcare to customers with a Wlz indication and more stability in the employees to be deployed.

Gemvision is included as a healthcare provider that healthcare institutions can claim from the Zilveren Kruis. A March work solution is then made for this with the services of Gemvision to realize “remote care”.

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