Virtual collaboration: when keeping your distance saves lives.

Healthcare professionals working on the front lines in the fight against the Corona virus are also at risk of becoming infected. As a result, crucial professionals become unavailable who may have minor complaints such as coughing or sneezing, but often sit at home as a precaution and then cannot do anything, while they can work fine. Think, for example, of retired GPs who can assist. The only problem is that they are already in the vulnerable risk group. Capacity problems are therefore not optimally combatted because qualified forces cannot help, which reduces the effectiveness of care.

In times when keeping a distance can save lives, Gemvision offers its ‘remote care’ services GPs, home care agencies and other healthcare organizations that benefit from this. This allows healthcare specialists to remain active from quarantine and specialist knowledge can be deployed virtually in more places.

Gemvision has offered the platform for free to healthcare professionals that can benefit for remote solutions while combatting COVID19.

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