We are continuously adding features to the platform. Mostly on request of our growing user base. Features that provide great value. We have listed some of them below

Note taking just became easier
Wouldn’t it be great that you could make notes just by dictating it? No need to even use your hands, not even on the smart glasses! So whenever you are in a workflow you can just add the step ‘add a note’ and simply dictate your notes directly on the spot when executing the workflow. Also these notes will be saved to your Gemvision cloud platform and are mailed as .pdf in the Workflow Report (if activated in the admin panel).
(feature is available on all Apps on mobile devices and smart glasses)

Annotating on your own video feed
Just imagine you are explaining something to a remote person and you have the correct example right in front of you… Now you want to annotate on your OWN screen! And add some additional information and probably save it for later use as well. Well, we’ve just added that capability!
(feature is available on all Apps on mobile devices)

Remotely adjusting optical zoom and exposure on the smart glasses
Of course when you wear your smart glasses and possibly have gloves on you do not want to be bothered with operating the smart glasses yourself. Simply have the remote person looking over your shoulder adjust your zoom and exposure settings, remotely! Hands free and safe! Easy peasy!
(feature is available on all Apps on mobile devices and the Gemvision web dashboard)

Remotely changing the view on the smart glasses during a call
Wouldn’t it be great that if someone is looking over your shoulder, you could also see that person? Like you do in a regular online meeting call? Well, you already could but you needed to operate the smart glasses for it…but…we added this feature also on the apps. So now the remote person can change the view on the smart glasses as well! No hands needed!
(feature is available on all Apps on mobile devices and the Gemvision web dashboard)

Using your own profile picture in Gemvision
Of course you look great! And you want to show it! Now you can change your profile yourself so everybody can see who you really are.
(feature is available on all Apps on mobile devices and the Gemvision web dashboard)

Show your Expertise to other users online
Are you looking for the right person to help you? Would it be helpful if you just could (also) see their job title or expertise and then decide to contact them? You now can! Just open the User Profile setting on the web dashboard and add your expertise!
(feature is available on the Gemvision web dashboard)

Start a Workflow on the smart glasses by scanning a QR code
No need to browse through a complete list of workflows on your smart glasses. Simply scan the QR code and the right Workflow is started immediately. You can also print the QR code, stick it on a machine and have it ready wherever and whenever you need it!
(feature is available on the smart glasses)

Automatic Data deletion in your Gemvision environment
When there is no need to store data any longer than necessary, you can now easily choose an appropriate time interval in company settings so all pictures and movies are either not deleted at all or after a fixed period of time.
(feature is available from admins only in the web portal)

When security is of your highest priority
We have now added 2 Factor authentication to take the next step in security. This can be set for everyone using Gemvision in your company or on a personal basis. All secure.
(feature is available in the web portal for admins and users)

Do Delay Delegate Delete
Do you all remember that?! Would you like to delegate user management to a colleague who is not a system administrator? Now you can! When working with Groups in Gemvision (just like your WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal) you can assign a Group Administrator. This Group admin can now manage Group participants. Very handy when working with distributed teams across time zones.
(feature is available in the web portal for admins and group admins)

I am busy!
Just like with your ordinary meeting software also with the specialized b2b Gemvision Remote support solution you can set yourself to being temporarily ‘unavailable’; no need to log out. Simply stay online and become available again whenever you need.
(feature is available on all Apps on mobile devices and the Gemvision web dashboard)

Working for several companies? Need to be able to access several secure and closed Gemvision environments?
Now you can easily access multiple Gemvision environments with the same credentials. Working for Shell today? Tomorrow BP? It does not matter. Just get invited in multiple environments and choose the environment you want to login to today and start ‘Gemmin’.


Data Data Data
Did you know that Gemvision is ultimately a data collecting platform?! And as you know data only becomes of value when you are able to firstly extract it. Well, you can. We have two options for you.
1) We preconfigured Power BI reports for you that you can easily access via your web browser. It contains all information about the users, calls and workflows
2) We have an open integration layer that allows you to extract the data into your own Business Intelligence environment (Power BI, Qlikview, etc.). We call it GemConnect and our API’s will provide you your data.
Want access to either the Preconfigured Reports or the API’s? Contact us

Integration with Woundmonitor (https://www.woundmonitor.app/)
Gemvision is now integrated with the Woundmonitor App, the standard for Wound care registration. Pictures taken with Gemvision are stored into the corresponding patient files in Woundmonitor.
Contact us for more information about this standard Integration

Your own look and Feel?
Like you we are very proud of our ‘brand’! So wouldn’t it be great when your colleagues, partners or even your customers can simply login to your own Remote Support solution!
With your own company colours, logos and even your own Apps in the Apple, Google and Vuzix app stores. Of course Gemvision is running under the hood to make sure all is performing excellently.
Need more info? Let us know.

As we all know…one size does not fit all…
Sure, at Gemvision we enable you to get an accelerated start with over the shoulder support and smart glasses with our out of the box cloud solution and our unique Ready to Go field kit. You can be up and running in hours instead of days/weeks.
Still, you want more, maybe something very company specific, some feature, some capability, an integration with your inhouse bespoke ERP system, …
Our Custom Projects department is happy to discuss and assist you with this.
Let’s talk and see what we can do on top of Gemvision!

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