Taking remote support to a new level

Providing assistance and support is the single most important factor in how we do service. 

“We are always exploring ways to innovate the service processes to provide our customers with the best solution. To provide the assistance you are used from us and to get the specific knowledge and skills required onsite in a timely manner, we have intensified and speed up the roll-out of our ‘advanced services’ with a specific focus on remote support. We have been providing remote support for many years now, with for instance the Moba remote webapp and iMoba and now we have added a new solution called Moba Smart Glasses.”

Before the Covid-19 pandemic reared its ugly head, we started a pilot using Smart Glasses in cooperation with the Gemvision platform. With Moba Smart Glasses, you have the opportunity to remotely contact Moba experts when you need live assistance. The Smart Glasses allows you to speak with a Moba engineer as if the engineer was onsite. The Moba engineer sees exactly what you see. With this technology, problem-solving and support are no longer limited to the availability of experts to travel to the customers’ site.

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