How to reduce common issues with truck rolls

A truck roll refers to any situation where a technician is dispatched, whether that’s in a truck
or another vehicle, to solve an issue. Truck rolls are a necessary aspect of the field service
industry, as technicians need to get to the job. But, truck rolls are also one of the most
expensive aspects of the industry, and are exhausting your budget far more than you may

The true cost of a truck roll includes:

  • Labor costs (technician wages, travel time, related administrative tasks)
  • Vehicle costs (fuel, insurance, maintenance, depreciation of the vehicle)
  • Opportunity costs (technician is unable for billable work)

By adding all these costs together and multiplying them by the number of truck rolls, you’re
left with the true cost. The true cost is important as it reflects the amount of resources your
stand to save by implementing the right tools.

What are the common issues with truck rolls?


  • High number of No Fault Found dispatches. Issues could often be solved quickly, in
    under 5 minutes, without a technician present at the site.
  • Low First Time Fix Rate. Often a fix will take two visits, and so two truck rolls, when
    that wasn’t really necessary. This is down to having the right tools and parts, as well
    as the knowledge required.
  • Negative experience for both the customer and technician. The only thing
    customers like less than a delayed appointment is when the issue can’t be fixed first
    time. And technicians won’t appreciate it either.
  • Increasing complexity of products. The rise of the Internet of Things means that
    products are becoming more complex, so the number of truck rolls to service and
    support them is increasing as well.

How can you reduce your truck rolls?

The key to reducing your costs lies in Augmented Reality. AR allows you to use remote
support to visually guide customers and field technicians to resolve problems remotely. An
expert can remain remote and instead assist the on-site worker through smart glasses,
sharing their view and even providing real-time annotations. This reduces the need for a
truck roll each time, while ensuring a First Time Fix. It also maximises the use of their time,
so it isn’t spent on transport.

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