How to improve your First Time Fix Rate (FTFR)

Your First Time Fix Rate (FTFR)  is the percentage of times a technician is able to fix the issue
the first time round. You can calculate your FTFR by dividing the total number of jobs
completed on the first visit by the total number of jobs completed in general.

Your First Time Fix Rate is vital to your company’s success as it leads to improved customer
satisfaction and with that, improved profitability. A higher FTFR will lead to more referrals
and extended contracts.

Top-performing companies usually have a FTFR of approximately 89%, whilst companies
performing poorly have an FTFR of 56% and below. The average industry FTFR is 75%.

You can improve your rate without too many difficulties. Here are five ways to improve your

  1.  Workforce Management
    A workforce management solution allows you to automatically match technicians and tools
    with jobs. It ensures that the right person with the right resources and skills can get the job
    done the first time around.
  2. Proper Triage and Problem Identification
    A remote triage solution drastically improves your FTFR through using AI and historical data
    to accurately identify the problem. This allows technicians to arrive on-site already knowing
    what they’ll be fixing and how, rather than guessing based on a client’s description.
  3. Scheduling and Optimization
    Ensure that technicians always have enough time to complete a job so a follow-up is never
    needed. Use cloud solutions to immediately flag delays and automatically adjust the
    schedule, sending another technician if required.
  4.  Augmented Reality
    Using AR, field technicians can follow workflows, refer to critical documents and checklists,
    and get assistance when needed. If they don’t know how to handle the task, they can
    contact someone who does and share their view. With the knowledge of multiple people, a
    job can always be finished the first time around.
  5. Improve inventory management
    Times have changed, and customers will no longer accept waiting for someone to “order in a
    new part” – not when there is more competition than ever! Cloud solutions ensure that you
    always have the right inventory and spare parts. Even if your technician is already on the job,
    cloud solutions can source the required tool from the closest technician.


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