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Unique & smart communication platform for healthcare and service industry aims to grow internationally

Smartglasses software provider Gemvision raises growth capital

Rotterdam, Wednesday, April 19, 2023 – Cloud software provider Gemvision – active in the healthcare and service industry – has raised growth capital from SHAPE Capital. The growth capital will enable Gemvision to also enter the international market with its unique and smart communication platform including smartglasses. Gemvision is a cloud solution (SaaS) for remote assistance that includes support for live video calls with smart hands-free glasses (smartglasses). This enables the healthcare and service industry to see what others are seeing at any time of the day without physical presence, anywhere, anytime on any device. Gemvision says it sees opportunities to expand markets in the Netherlands and internationally.

SHAPE Capital will help both financially and professionally to realize Gemvision’s growth ambitions and continue to grow internationally. Mark Smit: “We are very pleased to have SHAPE Capital on board as a partner. SHAPE Capital – represented in this by Daan van der Vorm – brings not only growth capital, but also the experience and network as a very successful entrepreneur.”

Investment in scaling up
According to Daan van der Vorm, owner of SHAPE Capital, Gemvision’s potential is great; “Gemvision has established an excellent position in an interesting growth market at an early stage and completely on its own merits with in-house developed software, in which new smart wearable devices such as smart glasses play an important role.” SHAPE Capital has extensive experience in taking companies further in the scale-up phase. “I am confident that with the investment an acceleration will be made leading to further growth in both product and market share.”

Empowering fieldworkers
In addition to the software development for the smartglasses, Gemvision also provides various solutions for the field workers, such as digital commissioning forms, inspection documents and workflows. From the Content Management System (CMS) within Gemvision, the field employee is always the focus, to ensure that they can work as efficiently as possible. Gemvision continuously develops new modules independently and co-develops projects with and for its customers. This not only involves new functionality, but also integration with MS Teams and Google Cloud, among others.

Expertise and remote assistance on the rise
The growth capital will allow the fast-growing cloud software provider Gemvision to scale up faster at this crucial time and maintain its technological lead in the market. Back in 2016, Gemvision developed and delivered the very first Remote Support solution using Smart Glasses for a well-known international air conditioning manufacturer. Since then, smart glasses have been gaining momentum, especially in the service industry and in Dutch Healthcare. There, among other things, Gemvision is helping to overcome the distressing labor shortage. See news item Gemvision at EditieNL.

“This growth capital will allow us to catch the momentum and maintain our leading position in the market for new generation remote assistance solutions,” said Gemvision’s René Verspuij.

For more information, please contact:
Mark Smit, Gemvision
t: +31 (0) 85 0074 165

SHAPE Capital Private investment fund, investing through growth capital, but also by making its know-how and network available for fast growing companies, preferably in the scale-up phase. Daan van der Vorm is pleased with the participation in Gemvision: “It’s great that we can give young, good entrepreneurs a boost.” Gemvision is a Remote Assistance solution for healthcare and service environments. Using smart wearable devices and smart glasses, users can easily access the digital remote assistance platform and securely connect with any support expert anywhere in the world, in real-time.

“Our goal is to empower every employee to achieve more!”

Founded 7 years ago by former owner Mark Smit, the fast-growing Rotterdam-based software builder offers a Remote Assistance solution under the name “Gemvision. In recent years, the team has been further strengthened with René Verspuij for commercial matters, filling the main pillars within the company; operational, commercial and financial (external).

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