We are delighted to welcome a number of new healthcare customers who have joined our growing family in recent months. These healthcare facilities have chosen Remote Expertise and the use of smartglasses to help improve the quality and efficiency of elderly care in the Netherlands. Let’s take a look at who they are:

Alice Thuiszorg: Alice Thuiszorg uses Remote Expertise to quickly access specialised knowledge, allowing residents to receive better and more personalised care and therefore be self-reliant and happy in their own living environment for as long as possible.

Azora: By implementing Remote Expertise and deploying smartglasses, Azora aims to provide the best timeless home care.

Aygan Zorg: Aygan embraces the power of smartglasses to enable specialists to provide real-time advice to healthcare providers on site.

Sportgeneeskunde Rotterdam: At Sportgeneeskunde Rotterdam, through the use of Remote Expertise, exercise scientists, physiotherapists and ultrasound technicians can work closely together to provide the best possible care.

Together, we work towards the goal of providing excellent care. We look forward to a successful collaboration and to achieving their goals together.

Want to know more about how Remote Expertise is transforming healthcare with the smartest communication app for mobile phone and smartglasses? Then feel free to contact us!

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