How AR can help the aging field service workforce

Across the US, 10.000 baby boomers turn 65 every day. The individuals that make up this
aging workforce have often acquired specific and vital expertise that would be detrimental
for your organization to lose. It is time to proactively transfer this knowledge inside your

This problem is already widely known within the field service industry, as 70% of
organizations have already reported concerns about knowledge loss related to the retiring
workforce and insufficient incoming workers.

Transferring this valuable information inside of your organization depends on two major

  1. A record of the information
  2.  A practical training solution

AR can help solve this problem. Firstly, AR allows a senior technician to record themselves
solving a complex issue with a point-of-view camera using smart glasses. These recordings
can be saved and later used for training purposes.

However, smart glasses not only help the senior technician but also the junior technician. A
senior technician can develop a workflow for standardized procedures. The workflow can be
projected in the field of vision of the technician at work.

Lastly, for non-standardized issues a junior technician can remotely call a senior technician
who can see the field of vision of the technician at work. In this manner, a junior technician
can be efficiently mentored remotely and they can learn on the job.

Remote mentoring is also more efficient for the senior technician as they can mentor and
help more technicians this way than with in-person mentoring.

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