With our sophisticated GemConnect Integration Framework we can seamlessly and effectively integrate with any backend or third party software system. Not in months or weeks, in many cases just a few days and clicks!

The following API integration options are supported:

  • RESTful Web Services & XML Import/ Export
    Direct endpoints will be created for this integration. These will be approachable by means of authentication with valid username / password. And it will be REST-connections that either return the data in .json format or export/ import .xml files.
  • SOAP Web Services
    This is similar, but because we have REST-services, we use ConnectPlaza for this. In ConnectPlaza we connect REST-endpoints, and we convert that connection into a SOAP endpoints. In connectPlaza we could also change the data format if desired.
  • Managed Java Services & Product Data Feeds
    For integration with these two, you mainly need data in a specific form. We already make it available through the REST and SOAP connection. For Managed Java Services you need configuration data, this is exactly what the endpoints will give back. For Product Data Feeds: it is mostly about the data you want to use and the form. But we can make this available either directly or viaConnectPlaza.

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Below is an example of integration options that can be used with GemConnect integration.
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