Ready to go with a smart glass field kit.

Power. Connect. Protect.

Since smart glasses are designed to be light wearable devices, there is only so much room for batteries and connecting your smart glass to a smartphone for mobile data will drain that battery way too fast. And if that's not enough: cables, power banks, mobile data hotspots and more lying around in you bag will make a mess in no-time. So what to do? 

Because after all you want to be able to:

  • Grab your smart glass and start the job, without having to assemble it first.
  • Use it all day for remote video support and workflows.
  • Charge your smart glass or a portable power bank on-the-go.
  • Have the best connection available, wherever you are.
  • Charge every single device at once.
  • Make sure your equipment is safely stored in a portable casing.

This is possible!

With Gemvision's ready to go field kit. We've designed a flexible, dependable and easy to use field kit to make sure you can focus at the job at hand. It allows you to carry your preferred smart glass model, to charge your devices and to store everything safely. And to top it off, this case charges all your devices simultaneously, with the lid closed, while you just put one power plug in the socket. 

This field kit includes:

  • Room for your assembled smart glass of choice with accessories.
  • A powerful mobile data hotspot to connect your smart glass through wifi. 
  • A large internal power bank to charge all portable devices.
  • A portable power bank to charge your smart glass on-the-job.
  • Flexible pockets to fit your accessories and glass of choice. 
  • Water resistant and shock proof construction.
  • Shoulder strap.
  • External USB charging port.

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Which smart glass is compatible with Gemvision and this casing? Check this out. 

Go hands-free with smart glasses

Gemvision installed on a smart glass is where the magic happens. You download the Gemvision app on your Android smart glass of choice and start immediately. We are however, not a smart glass-only shop. We sell a solution. I you are interested in buying a smart glass with you Gemvision licence, we recommend to check out our 'Ready-to-go' package. This includes the Gemvision field kit with a smart glass of your choice, with Gemvision pre-installed. The only thing left for you to do is log into your own account that has been created in your (companies') environment. When ordering a Gemvision Ready-to-go package, you do not order user accounts. This is hardware only with Gemvision app installed. The users are created in your Gemvision environment. 

Are you interested in a Gemvision Ready-to-go package?

Would you like to purchase a smart glass?
Gemvision is an official partner of Vuzix and we recommend using the M300 or M300XL model. 

Other smart glass vendors that go well with Gemvision are: 


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