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Gemvision communication cloud software

Discover the features that power the new standard for team communication. After signing up, all basic features can be used on iOS, Android and desktop devices. In addition, Gemvision is compatible with many currently available smart glasses that run on Android. Are you ready for more?

Remote Support Video Call

Real-time augmented instructions, live on-screen drawing or screencasting with colleagues. Let's finish every job you start.

Gemvision's inner workings

  • Augmented Video Call

    Group conferencing (Coming soon)

    Watch with multiple viewers through the eyes of the person wearing the smart glasses, set up a conference call with multiple users or use this feature for your own specific needs involving multiple users working together, using all the augmented in-call functionalities.

    Guest calls

    Call someone that is not a member of your organisation. You can still use every augmented call feature of the platform. Create a link in a few steps, share it through mail or even Whatsapp. This feature allows you to quickly connect to people that do not need to be in your environment.

    Screen sharing

    From desktop to mobile, tablet or smart glasses. Show directly what is on your screen. This is even faster than sharing files or photos. Just show them, like field users show you their view.

    Adjust video quality

    HD, VGA or only audio. A setting for every quality of connection. Obviously, you want HD all the time but sometimes it's necessary to adjust the quality to get the job done.

    Take screenshots

    To save what the field user sees. Dashboard users can save screenshots and edit them with instructions for the field user to follow. These can also be saved for quality assurance reports.

    Augmented instructions

    Pointing out something to the field user with a mobile, tablet or smart glasses has never been so easy. Take a snapshot and type instructions in the receiver’s field of vision, so the field user sees exactly what you mean.

    Augmented drawing

    Draw live on screen, to point out exactly which part the caller has to interact with. Use different colours, type next to your drawing and save this snapshot for later use.

    Digital zoom

    When the caller shows you something, their hands are usually occupied, if you want to take a closer look, just zoom in using the zoom functions on your dashboard or mobile caller portal!

    Save snapshots and drawings

    Once you've given instructions on a snapshot, you might want to save this real-life scenario for training purposes or quality reporting. No problem! Just hit save during the call, after you've given the instructions and are ready to continue.

    Remote flashlight

    Turn on the flashlight remotely to light up the worksite. This can be done remotely during a video call. The desktop user can enable the flashlight of someone wearing smart glasses for example.

  • Dashboard features

    Design & Language

    Ease of use is paramount, because Gemvision aims to help. All the necessary features are just one click away. Gemvision is al available in English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and Italian.

    User Navigation

    See clearly who is online, offline or sorted by status. Or send a message to request a user to come online. It takes just one click to select a user or start a video call.

    Activity Log

    This is your timeline. Tracking (missed) video calls, sent and received files and everything else. It’s important that you can track which users assisted who and for what job. This creates your track record.

    Shared Files

    All the files, pictures and more sent by fieldworkers wearing smart glasses, or using smartphones and tablets are stored here. Filters allow you to easily trace shared files from different jobs.

    GPS Location

    Having access to your colleague’s whereabouts can be very useful, for example when planning subsequent jobs. Obviously, you can turn this off if necessary, but it gives you a great interactive overview of the team, on a map.

  • Tools


    Easily design workflows, guides and other step-by-step plans to use on mobile, tablet and smart glasses. Just drag and drop the blocks into place, add text and visuals, export them and you’re good to go!

    Offline workflows

    These workflows, or step-by-step guides, can be used offline. Simply sync them once to the device and use them even when you don't have an internet connection.

    Object recognition supported

    Add an 'Object recognition' step to a workflow, where an object has to be recognised in order to proceed with the next step. This is a way of validating content or it can be used as a 'four-eyes principle' where you validate certain content, or items identified by QR codes or barcodes. (Custom feature)


    Add the 'Scanner' step to initiate the appropriate workflow for a particular job, or to provide the right information. You either scan a barcode, a QR code or any other supported format.

    Take pictures

    When proof of installation or progress is needed, use a 'picture' step to record the process visually. One cannot proceed if the proof of completion is not uploaded in the form of a picture.

    Record & download video streams

    When you're a desktop user, you can record your video stream, or the incoming video stream. This could be the sent from a smart glasses, smartphone or tablet user. It's ideal for training purposes, reviews or accountability. Once the record is stopped, it will automatically download to your computer and is ready for editing and sharing.

    Remote support

    Augmented remote support. For you field team and to service clients. Just select a user and start a video call to give the user in the field remote support and advice. This is made easy by all the great tools at your disposal during the call. Use screen sharing, augmented instructions, video recording and more to make sure the problem is solved in the best way possible. For smart glasses, smartphone and tablet.

  • User Management

    Super Admin

    The one user who is in control of everything. From creating the environment to billing and more. This user can edit roles and users on the highest level.

    (General) User

    This user offers or receives remote support to and from users in the field who use smartphones, tablets or smart glasses. This user does not have to edit roles and so on, because they are part of the team.

    User type for client service

    Combined with the call center for 'end-clients', you can invite your clients to the platform and provide an instant video support service with a special user type. These clients receive an application as part as your service desk with a direct line to your employees, to show what is the matter, before on-site support has to be arranged.

    Callcenter for client support

    Easily switch between internal team support and external client service. With just a click of a button you open the callcenter where client support videocalls come in. You serve them just as you'd do with an a team member. The clients use the Gemvision app with their client user account to call for support. This way you can see and assess the problem directly and instruct the client with some much needed advice.

  • Groups


    This is a great feature if your company has to manage multiple teams or locations. Simply add users to a group, so they can operate in their own closed environment.

    Rules & Restrictions

    Groups allow you to control 'who sees what' and 'who can contact who'. This is useful when you’re dealing with private client information, for example, or other information that has to remain inaccessible for other users.

    Group Conferencing

    This feature allows you to add users to your call and, for example, to join a smart glasses stream for educational purposes, or just to start a group conference.

  • Security & Privacy

    Your private platform

    A fully private, plug-and-play environment. You start with a clean slate that responds to how you want to use it. Add users, multiple devices, install extra features and best of all: you can start today.

    No third party software

    All data streams are highly secure and Gemvision does not use any third-party software to run. This means that we make sure all data is encrypted and our servers have the highest-grade privacy certificates.

    Secure connection

    Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website you’re connected to. The 'S' at the end of HTTPS stands for 'Secure'. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.

    ISO 27001 & NEN 7510

    Gemvision has obtained the proper certifications to ensure a safe and secure software solution.

  • Cross device compatibility

    Admin and helpdesk user dashboard for desktop

    Manage your workforce, offer remote support to field users or edit users’ roles and much more. This is the dashboard where your environment is managed.

    Android field user app for mobile and tablet

    Manage your workforce, offer remote support to field users or edit users’ roles and much more. This is the dashboard where your environment is managed.

    App for smart glasses

    Download the dedicated smart glasses app in the store corresponding to your glasses. Please refer to our compatibility page to see the latest supported smart glasses. We support and highly recommend using Vuzix smart glasses for the best performance.

  • Cross user & Cross device calls

    Call from any user to any user

    It actually speaks for itself. There is no limitation. Field users wearing smart glasses can call each other, team leaders and even the super admin can give you a ring.

    Helpdesk to smart glasses, mobile to tablet, tablet to tablet, etc!

    Communicate with any device. Again, there should be no limitations in terms of device communication.

    Guest calls

    Create an anonymous call to invite someone that is not part of the platform to do a videocall. All the features are available from the normal remote support calls.

  • Connection


    If you have Wi-Fi, you have HD Gemvision. We also have a connection checker and troubleshooter to see if your connection is optimised. Thick layers of security in on-site networks can make the network very rigid and prevent Gemvision from operating flawlessly. Check out our compatibility page for more information.

    Mobile data

    Smartphones and tablets usually have great connections with mobile data. If you use smart glasses, connect them to a smartphone or tablet. Preferably use a powerful 4G hotspot, to assure a steady connection for your glasses.

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