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Getting started is easy! Just sign up to start your free trial and within 2 minutes you will be up and running on your private communication platform.

Everyone starts free. If you add users, the counter in your dashboard will reflect your plan. When you pass the threshold of the maximum number of users for the free trial, you'll be asked to upgrade to the next plan. This is pay-as-you-grow!

It's basically a video communication tool using augmented technology to improve communication and instructions during jobs. It overlays information making it visible to users wearing smart glasses or using other smart devices. Text- and audio-based communication was once the standard, but this is rapidly being replaced by 'Augmented Video Communication'. Presented information can be produced by sensory data, human instructions (e.g., live drawing on screen) or smart instructions based on location, task and other parameters and displayed on wearable devices. Smart glasses, smartphones, tablets and other wearables can be connected to your Gemvision environment. This allows the field operator to receive valuable information where they need it, when they need it, without physically touching the device or interrupting the job at hand.

When you start using Gemvision, you can be sure it meets your standards. Especially in healthcare-related organisations, where sensitive data is everywhere. Our data partner Nextpertise is ISO 27001 certified for Information Security Management and NEN 7510 for Information Security.
- We don't use third-party software to make our platform work.
- All connections are encrypted.
- The function for creating groups lets you control what people can and cannot see.
We feel that your safety and security should be standard practice.

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Gemvision is for desktop, tablet, smartphone and smart glass. Available in the Vuzix app store. Check out The compatibility page for additional information and supported devices and browsers.

Gemvision Dashboard it run from the safety of your browser. So just open you browser on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone an go! We advice you to use Google Chrome. This also enables the screen sharing functionality. The iOS and Android app that you use as a mobile user are ready for your smartphone and tablet. And of course, the smart glass app. Available in the Vuzix, ODG or store of you smart glass brand.

No! Gemvision also works fine without connected smart glasses. The remote support features or smart step-by-step workflows work just as well on your smartphone and tablet. But you might have to hold them in your hand when you're showing what you see. Smart glasses enable you to have your hands free and immediately follow instructions. Smart glasses are also voice-operated and use object recognition for example to start a workflow. So if you need to have your hands free to work on a particular task, you might want to consider smart glasses!

After you decide you need more than is offer in the 'free forever' plan, you simply go to upgrade Gemvision in your environment. There you can fill in your credit card details and you're good to go! You can always see what your next invoice will be.

Currently we accept credit cards and iDeal. Credit card allows for an automatic monthly payment. iDeal is manual per period. In the future we'll add more methods. If you have a special request or would like to set up a platform for a large number of users at once, please contact us for a special offer.

If you'd like to develop bespoke augmented reality solutions, combined with your Gemvision environment, please contact our sales department for an intake and customisation proposal.

If you check out Compatibility Page you can find our latest supported devices. You'll also be able to find how and where to download the smart glass app for example

Go to Smart Glasses login, login with your user credentials and scan the generated QR-code with the scanner on you smart glasses.

Are you operating from Google Chrome? First make sure that you are operating from Google Chrome for desktop.
Screen sharing from mobiles, tablets or other devices is not supported.
Next you have to install the Gemvision Chrome Extension from the Google store.
You might want to relaunch your browser in order for it to be effective.
You can also user Firefox browser. This works without an extension.
If you experience any other issues, please contact support.

Currently Gemvision is only supported in Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Other browsers might work, but are not optimized and do not allow screen sharing, for example. Additional browser compatibility will be coming soon, though. For the best performance and for screen sharing, use Firefox or Google Chrome and add the Gemvision extension to allow for screen sharing.

This is usually a browser issue on the desktop. First make sure you have updated your browser (or mobile app) to the latest version. And make sure you use Google Chrome. Gemvision does not support other browsers yet. Relaunch your browser and check if you can make a call. If you're on another device, make sure you have te latest version of the app, or run the connectivity check on our compatibility page to see if your network is obstructing a connection. If the problem keeps recurring, please contact support.

Yes, you can buy hardware from Gemvision. This is the 'Ready-to-go' pack including smart glasses and smart case. More information is available in our shop. Check out more information about Gemvision hardware packages and protective field casings here: Gemvision Hardware

Wi-fi connections can be packed with thick layers of security, to test whether or not the firewall settings are blocking connection, you can do the following to make sure Gemvision will work perfectly. Check out The compatibility page where a connection check is described. You can also fill in this Connection Form where we can assist you personally.

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Yes. You can add multiple users at the same time. Do you have to add 100+ users at the same time? Then it's smart to contact us. We can facilitate that for you!

Updates on desktop are automatic and on smartphones and tablets it's not different from updating other apps. On smart glass however this is somewhat new. The preferred method of updating your Vuzix smart glass is via the included OTA (Over The Air) update mechanism, which will require the Vuzix smart glass to be connected to a stable WiFi network with internet access. For the exact steps please visit The Compatibility page.

The preferred method of updating your Vuzix smart glasses is by using the embedded OTA (Over The Air) update mechanism, which require the Vuzix smart glasses to be connected to a stable Wi-Fi network with internet access.

Make sure your smart glasses are plugged into a 1.5 amp USB power source*.
Open the Settings application.
Select the “OTA System Update” option at the bottom of the list.
If an update is available, select “Install”.
Wait for the download, then reboot and install the update.
Once the smart glasses have fully rebooted following the update, your update is complete.
*Do not power-off or interrupt the M300 during the upgrade process the OS may become corrupted! If your OS is corrupted, contact Vuzix Technical Support for assistance.

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First you sign up. Just follow the steps, create your environment and activate. Then you upgrade from inside your environment from the billing and plans panel. Do the presented plans not provide the configuration that you need? Contact us then for a custom configuration.

The answer is most likely: Yes! For example, if you currently use communication software like WhatsApp or Skype, you won’t know where your data is stored. And wouldn't it be great to actually show someone at the office (or anywhere else) what you mean while you discuss a problem? Or maybe you have certain steps you always need to follow, if only to verify a job has been properly completed. This and more is precisely what Gemvision does, on your own secure, private platform. It is a generic tool, for highly specialised jobs. Just sign up and see for yourself!

Sure you can! But you might need two email addresses. You need to invite 'yourself' as a mobile user to log in to two different devices. But don't you have a colleague nearby to test how it works? Just walk around or while your colleague is at it, see if you can use the Gemvision video call to get just the right coffee or something!

Yes, you can! The user management module is designed to fit different types of organisations. Whether you need to subdivide your environment into locations where teams work, or you need to set up (private) teams within your organisation, this is all possible. The rules and restrictions prevent other users that are not in this team from seeing shared files, pictures or other data.

This feature is coming soon! You'll be able to set up group conferencing, watch with multiple viewers through the perspective of the smart glasses that are streaming their vision, and much more.

Have you tried refreshing your browser? If that didn't fix it, check whether the user you need to see has activated their account. Double-check your network or run the network check described on the compatibility page.

You can receive a shared screen from a desktop on mobile and tablet, but you cannot share a screen from mobile or tablet. Mobile and tablet is mostly used for field work where you use the app to share what you see with the camera in a video call.

1. Go to settings in the Vuzix glass menu.
2. Select and select Bluetooth
3. Select Bluetooth ‘On’ if this is off.
4. Look for your Bluetooth box.
5. Select and connect
6. Go back and launch the Gemvision app for normal use.
7. Check app configuration to see if Bluetooth box calling is enabled.