Gemvision app

Gemvision for desktop

Gemvision dashboard is operated from your browser, ideally Google Chrome.
We also support Safari and Firefox, but screen sharing is only supported through a Chrome browser extension.
If you don’t have Chrome, download it here.
Also, check if you have the most recent version.

Screen sharing Chrome Extension

To allow for screen sharing, make sure you install the browser plugin for Google Chrome.
Install the extension by clicking here.

Gemvision for tablets

Dashboard access: For your tablet, you can use Gemvision for desktop, the dashboard in your browser or the Mobile User app. Gemvision for desktop allows you to access the dashboard and works just like on a PC or laptop. Except for the fact that screen sharing is disabled.

App: Download the application from the Google Play store. (App Store for Apple coming soon).

Gemvision for smartphone

Dashboard access:For your phone, you can use Gemvision for desktop, the dashboard in your browser or the Mobile User app for your smartphone. Gemvision for desktop allows you to access the dashboard and works just like on a PC or laptop. Except for the fact that screen sharing is disabled.

iOS: Coming soon
Android: Any phone/tablet that runs Android 22 or above.

Gemvision for smart glass

We highly recommend using Vuzix smart glasses
Recommended model: 
Vuzix M400 (superior processing power if used for remote video support)

Glasses supported: Vuzix M300/Blade/M300XL
Not supported: Vuzix M100, ODG, Google Glass, other brands not listed.
Gemvision can run on these glasses, but since the hardware is outdated, we don’t offer support or continue development for these models.

Download the application to your smart glass to start using Gemvision.
Visit this link in you desktop browser:
(make sure you have a Vuzix store account) and follow the instructions.

Gemvision on you smart glasses of choice:
Would you like to run Gemvision on a glass that is not listed above? We can customize the application for you. This custom option is for enterprise clients that wish to connect at least 10 glasses to their environment.

Vuzix: Visit the Vuzix store on PC/Laptop and by clicking here.
Realware: Contact us, Realware can only be pre-installed. No store available.

GemConnect app to log in to you smart glasses.

The GemConnect smartphone app enables you to log in to your smart glasses.
Logging in to this app with your SmartGlass user credentials, generates a QR code that is scanned by the smart glasses. For security reasons the QR code is only valid for a limited period. It is crucial that you have a SmartGlass account. This account is selected when a user is invited from the dashboard.
To download this app, please visit the Apple Appstore or Google Play store and search for GemConnect.

Updating Vuzix smart glasses

The preferred method of updating your Vuzix smart glasses is through its embedded OTA (Over The Air) update mechanism, which requires the Vuzix smart glasses to be connected to a stable Wi-Fi network with internet access.

  1. Make sure your smart glasses are plugged in to a 1.5 amp USB power source*.
  2. Open the Settings application.
  3. Select the “OTA System Update” option at the bottom of the list.
  4. If an update is available, select “Install”.
  5. Wait for the download, then reboot and install the update.
  6. Once the smart glasses have fully rebooted following the update, your update is complete.

*Do not power-off or interrupt the M300 during the upgrade process as this may corrupt the OS! If your OS is corrupted, contact Vuzix Technical Support for assistance.

Platform Flash Tool Lite
Alternatively, the M300 can be updated offline through USB with Intel’s Platform Flash Tool Lite. For assistance with manually updating your device using this tool, please contact Vuzix Technical Support.

Connection check

Need some personal assistance?
Fill in this form about connections on premises and the hurdles that you might have to take.
We’ll gladly help you!

Firewall and network compatibility. DIY check. 

Wi-Fi connections can be packed with thick layers of security. To test whether or not firewall settings are blocking the connection, you can run the following:

When is this important?
If you are using Gemvision on a laptop or PC and you use (your company’s) Wi-Fi.

The situation:
When the call doesn’t seem to start. You should be able to see that someone is calling, but after picking up, for example, nothing happens. This is most likely being caused by the security layers of the network you are using.

How can I check this is the issue I’m facing?

  1. Run all tests from
  2. It will verify if everything is working in terms of hardware.
    The microphone and camera should come back green.
    If that’s not the case, verify that your webcam and/or microphone are plugged to your computer and working.
  3. Regarding the network and connectivity part, you should have everything green except for ‘Ipv6 enabled’ and ‘Reflexive connectivity’, those two don’t matter.
    If anything else comes back red, then you have a network issue, you can skip to the next part: How to solve it?
  4. If everything came back green, you should also check this test run: just to be 100% sure that the network won’t be an issue. Everything should also be green, if anything is red then you have a firewall or network issue preventing a connection.

How to solve it?

  1. Since it is network related, get help from your system admin or the person in charge of the network at your company.
  2. Usually the cause of the problem is that the required UDP ports are not open.
  3. Gemvision requires the firewall to allow UDP traffic on all ports between 30000 and 65000. We are currently working on drastically reducing the port range, but currently we need this port range to be open.
  4. If the ports in this range are open and the problem still persists, then it’s probably because of your router settings. You need to disable SIP ALG on your router.

How can I check if everything is solved?
Run the two tests from the top, everything should show up green this time, effectively showing that the network issue is resolved. And then you can simply start a call with the Gemvision platform, it should now be working as expected.

Still experiencing issues? Please contact support. We’re there to make things work

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