Because people are different, everyone has their own wishes and requirements when it comes to housing, well-being and care. Our services are geared to this. Whether you live independently or in one of our centers; your needs are central to us.

Zorgpartners is a full-service care organization with a diversity of housing and care options in the Central Holland region. Zorgpartners provides care and services related to each client’s own life. The strength of Zorgpartners’ services is the connection between the residential and care options that we offer. Personal involvement is very important. That is why we organize the services in small teams, close to the customer.

Zorgpartners Midden-Holland is active for its clients thanks to the efforts of our 3,200 employees and 2,000 volunteers.

The Smart Glass is literally smart glasses that the care worker puts on his or her head, so that a colleague can watch the work from a distance. This offers many possibilities: from support by the wound nurse or an evaluation by the speech therapist to advice from the night nurse at another location. Thanks to the glasses, the client can often be helped immediately, by a trusted person. Carer Anja Verduyn: “The glasses allow me to do more for my clients.” Want to read more? Click here.

Gemvision offers her remote care solution with smart glasses.

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