Zorggroep Drenthe

You want to live independently and comfortably, in an environment where you feel safe and familiar, with the right service and care within reach. This is possible at Zorggroep Drenthe. Whether you live in your own home or in one of our residential care centers, we make sure you feel at home.

You can contact us for care home care, nursing home care, temporary care and home care. In addition, we offer various services that make life more comfortable.

If you live in your own home, you can call on us to do odd jobs in and around the house or to deliver the (hot) meal. We can also arrange your personal alarm, so that help is immediately available if it is needed and that you feel safe. If you need more care, you can call in our home care team.

Residential care locations
If you are no longer able to live independently with our help and support, you can go to one of our residential care centers. Zorggroep Drenthe offers nursing home care for people who also need intensive (medical) care.

Warm and homely
In our residential care locations you have all the care and nursing at hand. But Zorggroep Drenthe does more to make you feel at home. Our locations include a shop, hair salon, restaurant, pedicure and brown café. The atmosphere is warm and homely. You can eat at home or in the restaurant, alone or together with your neighbours, family or friends. We organize all kinds of activities, from trips to cooking together and painting lessons.

Beautiful living, high well-being, less care
We believe that if you live nice and pleasant and your well-being is high, you need less care. That is why we offer beautiful and spacious apartments where you can live independently, with care close by. In addition, we do our best to organize various activities and that you find company. You can travel with us, but also visit a theater performance in our own theater Mozaiek.

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