TÜV Nederland is a technical and business service provider in independent assessment such as certification, inspection, inspection and training. Since 1981 we have been promoting safety, quality, reliability and living environment for organizations, government and society with objectivity, independence, transparency, expertise and integrity as the foundation. TÜV Nederland is part of the international TÜV NORD GROUP, with tens of thousands of activities in 70 countries and more than 10,000 employees (in FTE).

In the Netherlands, with more than 200 skilled people, we assess products, services, systems, work equipment, means of transport, machines and cyber security on the basis of more than 300 different services every day. Learn more about the solutions we have for your industry. Or view our range of certificates & hallmarks, inspections and training.

TÜV Nederland distinguishes itself through its down-to-earth, approachable and practical approach to assessment and an approachable office organization. The primary characteristic of our services is that we demonstrate that you meet the requirements for reliability. But if the proverb “Forcing strange eyes” applies anywhere, it is in our field. During assessments we identify actual risks and pain points so that we support you in understanding and support for improvement. In this way, we help you limit business risks as much as possible and we support the continuity of your organization.

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