People want to work, live, recreate and learn in a pleasant and carefree way. They decide where and how they do this. To meet this need, organizations want to offer an attractive environment in which this is possible. Inspiring living environments in which people feel safe and in which they are safe. Which applies to the world of today and tomorrow, in which risks are constantly changing.

Trigion looks at safety with different eyes. This goes beyond implementing standard security products and services. Trigion creates safety; By creating safety, we make an important contribution to a carefree life, so that people can focus on what is important to them.

Domains in which we operate

  • Cyber ​​security
  • Technic
  • Consultancy
  • Security Services
  • Safety Services
  • Entrance management
  • Integrated services
  • Public domain
  • Facility management

Remote security also innovates. This is where Gemvision adds a new aspect to remote security with its solutions.

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