Aging offers possibilities and opportunities! Sûnenz wants to show the possibilities and fun sides of aging. It is important that the elderly remain in control themselves. This is possible because they receive targeted information, also preventively. That they (can) participate in interesting and fun activities and if necessary receive a correct diagnosis with appropriate treatment. This really gives elderly people the opportunity to live at home for a long and pleasant time.

Sûnenz is a center for the elderly and offers services to the elderly, general practitioners and other relevant parties

Purpose of Sûnenz

Let people enjoy life as independently and as healthy as possible. We do this not only by providing medical support, but also by providing entertainment, experience and fun.

Proper care is becoming more accessible to the elderly and is in a location close to the elderly’s living environment. All under one roof.

Initiators and parties

Sûnenz has a number of initiators: Wim Brunninkhuis (general practitioner), three pharmacists united in Pharmacy Sûnenz, Certe, ZuidOostZorg, GGZ Friesland and the UMCG. Since early 2012, the senior citizens’ associations, ANBO, PCOB, the KBO and the M.O.S. actively involved.

Gemvision helps here with distance. For example, ZuidOostZorg is also active with our solutions and today remote care solutions, with or without smart glasses, are a relief for healthcare.

Want to know about Sûnenz? Go to: https://www.sunenz.nl/

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