Sint Annaklooster is an organization where everyone is welcome, regardless of background or religion. Where there is sincere attention for both the clients and their loved ones, as well as for the employees and volunteers, because we find that very important. It makes us proud when we hear back from new employees and volunteers that they quickly feel at home and welcome in our organization.

They have an accessible organization where everyone can contribute to the daily well-being of our clients. Sint Annaklooster is therefore organized on a small scale with friendly, involved, professional staff and volunteers. They work from the heart and provide versatile, heartwarming care every day. This involved attitude provides us with high client and employee satisfaction.

Sint Annaklooster focuses on (Young) adults and elderly: chronically ill people, people with dementia (nursing home care), people in the last stage of life (palliative care), domestic care, hospital relocated care / temporary, stay with care, primary residence care and people who need guidance in reintegration and participation (work, housing, care and finances).

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