As the largest care organization in the Achterhoek and Liemers in the Netherlands, Sensire offers day and night care, nursing and specialized care at your home or in one of our residential care centers. We help you stay healthy, get better or live with care. So you can live your life the way you are used to.

“I understand those concerns, and yet I think we should keep this promise. After all, it describes what our customers and residents expect from us. It goes without saying that we provide good quality care. And we are already used to the fact that we communicate about it so well that people keep optimum control over life. However, the added value that lies in this promise goes much deeper. It involves appreciation and freedom.

For those who receive care from Sensire, not everything has to revolve around that care, on the contrary. As a customer or resident, the services of Sensire serve your happiness, your life. Our customer journeys have shown that customers and residents no longer want to feel dependent on a care organization or a system. We understand that, which is why we say: Live the way you want. ”

Remote care with smart glasses and the Gemvision platform is also gaining ground here, and when patient satisfaction and quality of life increase, that’s fantastic.

To know more about Sensire, go to: https://www.sensire.nl/

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