‘s Heeren Loo helps people with intellectual disabilities and / or other disabilities to complete their lives as they wish.

“With everything we know and can do, we are committed to supporting people with intellectual and / or other disabilities and their relatives, so that they live the best possible life.”

‘S Heeren Loo helps people with mild to severe intellectual disabilities or other disabilities. From young to old, in almost all of the Netherlands. We help you and your child find the best answer to big and small questions, for now and for the future. Your child’s wishes and dreams are central to this – together with you, your child makes as many choices as possible. What does he or she need – and what does that mean for you and your family? We help with this, with more than 125 years of knowledge and experience from practice and the latest insights from scientific research and innovations. This is how we help you further.

Innovation is doing what has never been done before. Taking new paths. And renewing and improving care. Heeren Loo believes in innovation.

Technology is an important ingredient of innovation. We embrace that technology. For example, at ‘s Heeren Loo you can virtually swim with dolphins with VR glasses. But VR also helps clients in their daily life. For example, we did a pilot in which people with mild intellectual disabilities were able to do virtual shopping. We liked this so much that we see opportunities to expand the number of applications in the future.

Gemvision offers smart glasses and remote software to set up innovative pilots. The video calls and other functionalities are used for this.

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