Royal Van Zanten is an innovative company that operates successfully within the international floriculture industry. They do this by continuously improving genetics and by creating synergy in breeding, propagation and cultivation technologies and through intensive cooperation with partners within the chain.

Van Zanten Breeding

Van Zanten Breeding is part of Royal Van Zanten, has been active in international horticulture for almost 160 years. The company breeds cut flowers and pot plants and has a strong position in the cut products. Like Alstroemeria, Statice, Chrysanthemum and Bouvardia and also in the pot products Aster, Celosia, Chrysanthemum and Multiflora. This position will be further expanded in the coming years. They will do this by continuously improving genetics and creating synergy in breeding. And propagation technology through innovative marketing and in cooperation with partners in the chain.

Van Zanten Flowerbulbs

Van Zanten Flowerbulbs is part of Royal Van Zanten, specialized in the breeding, growing and trading of flower bulbs. With a production location in New Zealand, flower bulbs can be supplied all year round. In cooperation with valuable parties in the chain they supply a wide range worldwide. Our passionate breeders work with the latest techniques to optimize our current wide range and develop new varieties.

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