Raccorderie Metalliche is considered a leader company in the production of pressfittings, pushfittings, welding fittings, threaded fittings, fastening systems and plugs and accessories for radiators. The company was created through developing installation solutions for plumping in the civil and industrial sector. Recently thanks to the experience and skills acquired it has decided to enter the naval sector as the only player on the market who can simultaneously offer pressfitting, drainage and fastening systems.

Raccorderie Metalliche can count on a productive and commercial structure with two plants in Italy, and three commercial branches (Germany, France and Spain) which provide sales coverage in more than 60 countries worldwide. The company works constantly in the research and develpment of innovative solutions : more than €10 million invested in technology in the 2014 has meant that they are now one of the top industries in this sector in Europe and allowed them to create the world’s first carbon steel, welding-free Tee fitting.

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