Connecting home care nurses with the wound care specialist at the hospital.

In 2017 we introduced a new project called ‘Making hands-on nurses hands-free’. This is a multidisciplinary project in cooperation with our partners at Gemvision and Careaz Homecare. The purpose of this project is to provide professional support in wound care to our colleagues at homecare organisations when they are caring for clients at home. Gemvision is our supplier for ICT solutions such as a secure communication platform and the delivery of smart glasses. The SKB wound consultant and the Careaz nurse use smart glasses to communicate with each other. We also collaborate with four other home care organisations in our region of East Gelderland.

  • Quality of life improves for patients as they don’t have to leave the comfort of their home, because the hospital comes to them.
  • Nurses in home care situations have become more important, because they literally become the hands of the (remote) specialist.
  • It reduces pressure on healthcare organisations, shortens waiting times and improves quality.
  • Remote wound care specialists can see up to three times more patients, without compromising on the personal touch or quality.
  • Home care organisations in the region are setting up smart glasses team for remote healthcare.

For a sample case, please view this case video, made by SKB Winterswijk.

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