Pro Nautas is a connectivity, Ship’s IT, navigation and Smart Maintenance solutions provider with main focus on optimizing operations on board and ashore, enhancing crew welfare and increasing safety.

Delivering our knowledge

  • Combined value service for efficient, safe and connected navigation and operations
  • Full operational transparency with real-time access to information
  • Remote system diagnostics and service
  • Connecting the ship and the shore in one operational environment

Our headquarters are located in Leer, Germany. A home to many German shipping companies & with 20% of the German merchant fleet registered here, Leer is located in close proximity to Bremen, Hamburg and Amsterdam making it easy to reach these key travel hubs.

Transforming maritime operations

In February 2018, Pro Nautas acquired Buss Data. In many ways, the founding mission of merging our solutions is to transform maritime operations to bring more efficiency, transparency and safety to our industry.

Together, we enable efficient, safe and connected navigation and operations. With the combined solutions, our customers can maximize their investments, while we ensure a consistent level of support across multiple product areas.

By integrating Buss Data applications with Pro Nautas’ connectivity, navigation & smart maintenance solutions, we created a software intelligence platform where operational, technical and commercial data is securely shared in real time among all stakeholders for decision support and operational transparency.

Remote support solutions to boost remote resolution rates can greatly benefit all stakeholders. Gemvision uses its platform and solutions to assist and support.

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Partner: Bernhard Heinzler

Region: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France

Industry: Machinery, Electro, IT

Increase Sales Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction


Bernhard is an experienced digital consultant in the field of customer interaction to streamline processes and increase efficiency in all customer aspects. With his team Bernhard provides process analysis and (re)structuring and stands for the effective and efficient implementation of digital customer-oriented interactions.

As Engineer, Salesman and Consultant Bernhard brings together all relevant aspects to design, implement and rollout software projects in shortest timeframe.

The Partnership

Bernhard was the man behind our Pro Nautas and Kern Liebers project and granted shortest implementation time. Bernhard will support you from the concept to PoC and roll-out for our Gemvision platform to realise best results in this new field of using Augmented Reality for your daily customer business.

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