For 40 years, Nanjing Automazioni Industriali has been designing and manufacturing dedicated industrial automation systems for assembly, handling, testing, functional controls, creating pallet lines, belt transport, workstations with turntables, test benches, servicing to machining centers, special machines, integrating Cartesian, anthropomorphic and scara robots, collaborative robots, vision systems, PLCs for functional management and supervision systems. Nanjing has created dedicated automated systems for the most varied product sectors, with a marked presence in the automotive components and electromechanical industry in general. Nanchino Automazioni Industriali is specialized in the design and construction of dedicated and customized automations for:

  • Assembly
  • Manipulation
  • Test
  • Functional controls

The Company is active worldwide, with systems installed throughout Italy, in the main European countries, in the United States, china and Japan.
Nanjing Industrial Automations carries out its activity occupying a covered industrial area of 6000 square meters, in which more than 50 employees operate, constituting a highly specialized workforce.

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