About Mijzo is there for people with significant health challenges who want to shape their lives in their own way. They are there for the elderly, rehabilitants and people with chronic conditions. Wherever home is. Together with clients and their loved ones, they want to discover the most appropriate care or support. Mijzo stands for respectful attention. Attention for people, for their work and for each other. Their ambition is to be a leader. They do this with an open mind and from a positive vision on health. This is how they bring out the best in each other. By seeking creative solutions and innovating, Mijzo can support clients, staff and volunteers to discover unknown and unprecedented possibilities. Care of the elderly is becoming more complex. Caregivers need the expertise of a specialist more often. However, a specialist is not always present. In order to call in expertise remotely, the smart glasses are being used. With the smart glasses, care professionals can watch each other from a distance and offer advice and support. Want to know more about Mijzo? Go to: www.mijzo.nl mijzo logo

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