As we age, we experience that our health often deteriorates. Continuing to lead life on your own becomes increasingly difficult. Then it is nice to have people around us who help us to live the life we ​​want as long as possible.

With 14 locations and home care in the Oost Achterhoek, Marga Klompé is one of the larger elderly care organizations in the region. About 2,200 employees work for us. Together they fill in 1010 FTE. This is our staff composition. Every day we are assisted by some 1200 valuable volunteers.

We offer our employees a pleasant and challenging working environment with plenty of development opportunities and a high degree of responsibility. The individual locations have a high degree of independence. In this way they themselves shape their identity and local character.

Gemvision provides the technology behind the remote wound care solutions. Bringing the hospital to the patient relieves pressure on healthcare workers and shortens queues.

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