“We want to move the laundry service industry forward by creating a sustainable and prosperous future while giving back to our stakeholders.”

Through designing the ideal laundry service facilities, in addition to offering organised, flexible, and efficient service as well as distinguished maintenance, Laundry Expert wants you to be a beacon in the laundry service industry.  Getting equipment delivered, installing it correctly, ensuring that it runs 24/7 if necessary, is our top priority.  To serve our mission properly to all of our clientele, we understand the importance of offering all types of laundry supplies.  In everything we do, our intent is to develop meaningful, long lasting relationships with our customers.  Furthermore, we strive to be the most innovative and efficient player in the laundry service industry.  Through passion and commitment, Laundry Expert has built a sustainable and trustworthy relationship with its stakeholders.  Together we can make a difference!

The remote support solution provided by Gemvision will help boost customer satisfaction. Want to know more about Laundry Expert? Go to https://www.laundryexpert.nl/


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