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Use case Gemvision: Remote expert support

KERN-LIEBERS, a medium-sized family company based in southwest Germany, is a global technology leader for the production of highly complex strip and wire parts and assemblies. The KERN-LIEBERS group of companies develops and manufactures precision products of the highest quality. The KERN-LIEBERS group of companies employs around 7.700 people in over 50 companies at more than 40 locations around the world.

In the production of technologically sophisticated springs and stamped, bent and fineblanked parts, we hold a leading position in our market segments and have established ourselves as a competent and reliable partner for industrial companies with global significance – to give an example, you will find KERN-LIEBERS parts in about two thirds of all passenger cars worldwide. With are very proud of the extraordinary success that we have achieved through the implementation of our zero-defect objective and of the recognition it has frequently receive from our customers. The financing of our business and growth has always been characterized by sustainability, so that our business today rests on a solid economic foundation that is capable of withstanding cyclical fluctuations. We also took advantage of the opportunities presented by globalization at a very early stage, becoming for example one of the first foreign companies to establish its own subsidiary in China, a move that today contributes significantly to our growth and success. In the internationalization of our business activities, the core competencies developed and established in Germany remain crucial to this day.

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Partner: Bernhard Heinzler
Region: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France
Industry: Machinery, Electro, IT

Increase Sales Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction


Bernhard is an experienced digital consultant in the field of customer interaction to streamline processes and increase efficiency in all customer aspects. With his team Bernhard provides process analysis and (re)structuring and stands for the effective and efficient implementation of digital customer-oriented interactions.

As Engineer, Salesman and Consultant Bernhard brings together all relevant aspects to design, implement and rollout software projects in shortest timeframe.

The Partnership

Bernhard was the man behind our Pro Nautas and Kern Liebers project and granted shortest implementation time. Bernhard will support you from the concept to PoC and roll-out for our Gemvision platform to realise best results in this new field of using Augmented Reality for your daily customer business.

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