Koninklijke Kentalis supports people who are hard of hearing, deaf or deaf-blind or who have a language development disorder (TOS) or communicative multiple disability. They find it important that they can communicate with others, understand and can participate in society. Therefore, they offer research, diagnostics, care, special education, itinerant guidance at regular schools and work guidance. Of course they are also there for parents, family members and professionals.

Kentalis is a national organization. They prefer to help students and clients close to home. Because they have audiological centers, care locations and schools throughout the Netherlands, this is usually possible. In many cases, they also come to students and clients. For example, they offer treatment at home and outpatient counseling at the regular school.

Kentalis employs approximately 4,500 education and health care professionals. They do everything they can to ensure that pupils and clients can participate in society with confidence. Their employees continuously develop themselves by following internal training, for example in Dutch Sign Language or other ways of communicating.

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