The changes taking place in healthcare have inspired Jeroen Bosch ziekenhuis to set a goal for the future. A bold goal, no less. A challenging vision of the future that may seem impossible, but isn’t if everyone is committed and believes in it.

Jeroen Bosch ziekenhuis audacious goal is: In 2025, people from Den Bosch and in the surrounding area to give their health well-being the highest rating in the Netherlands. Health wellbeing is a word that has been invented by JHA staff. It is about what people consider important in their daily lives with regard to their health and well-being. Machteld Huber’s Positive Health concept fits in well with this and so the Jeroen Bosch Hospital has embraced it.

To achieve their bold goal, they are working intensively with (healthcare) partners in the region and using more and more modern information and care technology. They are also focusing more on health rather than disease, and they are looking in particular at what people can do. Of course they will continue to offer the best care. Befitting the status of a JCI-accredited teaching hospital.

Want to know more about Jeroen Bosch ziekenhuis? Go to: www.jeroenboschziekenhuis.nl

jeroen bosch ziekenhuis

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