Geriatric rehabilitation care is for people who are vulnerable because of their age or conditions and need longer to recover after, for example, an accident or surgery. Sometimes it is no longer necessary to stay in the hospital but you cannot go home yet because you still need to rehabilitate.

Together with the hospital, they make sure that the transition to their location goes smoothly. Once at In Beweging, they make a personal rehabilitation plan. Together with the treatment team, they work on your recovery to be able to go home again.

Once the end of the rehabilitation period is in sight, they will advise you on any adjustments to your home and on possible follow-up treatments. If you require care at home, you can make use of the Vierstroom Zorg Thuis home care service. You get first-line therapy provided by the treatment team or, if desired, another organisation. In the meantime, In Beweging also makes it as pleasant as possible for you. You have a comfortable room, good food, ample visiting hours, free use of wireless internet.

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