Remote Support at Hamer

Hamer provides a full range of technological services for utilities, industry, automotive, fuel suppliers and the chemical and food industries. With its core focus being technical installation and servicing these installations, Hamer provides over 100,000 instances of service to customers every year. They design, install and maintain. To make sure that this wide range of installations and services is properly maintained as efficiently as possible, Hamer engineers use Gemvision’s Visual Communication platform to assist their engineers on the job.

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Hamer uses Gemvision with the Vuzix smart glasses to receive live, on-site video instructions.

  • Third-party product specialists and suppliers assist engineers on the job to get the job done and boost first-time fix rates.
  • The on-site helpdesk: while at work, engineers can get real-time video support by showing what the problem is.
  • Improving remote resolution rates by having the right information at the right time.
  • Improving engineers’ relevance by enabling them to complete more jobs through teaching them on the job.

Because well-trained engineers are becoming increasingly scarce and senior tech specialists are retiring, this solution allows Hamer to strike back and improve service and efficiency standards for their customers.

For an impression, see the video below.

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