GGD Zeeland starting point is positive health. The emphasis is not on getting better, but on feeling better. And that depends on much more than just people’s physical functioning. Are they positive? Do they know how to give their lives meaning? Are there enough social contacts? Are they able to take care of themselves? How do they experience the quality of their lives? They start from what people can do themselves. Instead of their limitations, they emphasise their possibilities. They focus on health, rather than on illness.

Healthy living, feeling good. This is not something that everyone takes for granted. How healthy you are depends largely on the environment in which you grow up and live. That is why GGD Zeeland try to make healthy choices easier. That is an important principle for them. They support people in making healthy choices. They do this not only by drawing attention to prevention, but also by creating a safe environment, both physically and socially.

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