De Laat Koudetechniek has been a pioneer in industrial and sustainable refrigeration technology for almost sixty years. Founded by Jan de Laat, led by Adriaan van Beek and Brigitte de Laat for the past thirty-five years. Throughout this time, they have grown into a modern organisation with around 30 employees, but still remain the same solid family-owned business with which they once started. From their office in Ammerzoden, they daily satisfy the world-wide customers in their needs for ripening, cooling and climate technology. Always in the most sustainable, energy efficient and innovative way.

From day one, their focus has been on innovation and sustainability: by continuing to develop their cooling and ripening systems in a more energy-efficient way, their customers are able to save tons of money annually. They lower their operational costs in the ripening or cooling processes, by minimizing both energy consumption as well as maintenance costs. They are an expert in the design, installation and maintenance of ripening, cooling and climate systems. Their innovative and patented ripening techniques ensure the most homogeneous ripening and energy savings up to 45% compared to competing systems. Apart from that, as a specialist in (industrial) cooling technology, they know no boundaries when it comes to cooling- and freezing systems and can therefore realize any demand. Finally, they have much expertise when it comes to climate technology. Their climate systems are able to, apart from sustainable cool, also heat. As with every system by De Laat, combined with the lowest energy consumption and least noise.

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