About Daikin

Daikin is one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning equipment. To install, commission and service these installations, a team of engineers travels to rooftops far and wide to make sure they’re in the best possible shape.

When an engineer is troubleshooting a machine up on a roof, not having the right data or information could mean having to abandon the job. The sheer complexity and wide range of different models makes it hard to know every single detail. So, the availability of data is crucial.

When questions arise, the engineer calls the helpdesk. But this usually raises more questions than it solves, because the engineer cannot show what he sees, and the helpdesk employee can’t point out what they mean by ‘that particular screw’ or ‘yellow wire’ when there are dozens.

That’s why Daikin uses their own Gemvision communication platform where the on-site engineer wears Vuzix smart glasses and shows the helpdesk employee what he sees. The helpdesk employee then draws on the screen, types instructions or even shares their own screen to present information right in front of the engineer’s eyes. In the meantime, the engineer has their hands free and can continue with whatever task needs completing. Using Gemvision, Daikin can do much more than ‘merely’ offer remote support to their on-site engineers.

  • A dedicated ‘client application’ called GemAssist enables clients to start a service video-call with Daikin for initial diagnosis. When the client shows what the problem is, or communicates error codes, the Daikin helpdesk can try and solve the issue at hand.
  • Because help is always available in the guise of a remote specialist, junior employees can execute jobs independently with less training than before. This facilitates on-the-job learning and they also have a senior ‘tutor’ on stand-by.
  • In the not so distant future, step-by-step commissioning workflows on smart glasses could help engineers to install machinery. This procedure logs progress and setup for quality control purposes, using workflow steps in which you scan (bar)codes, take pictures or identify objects for validation. The workflow builder is a PRO feature of Gemvision and enables users to build their own workflows with whatever instructions are needed.

For an example of this remote support setup, please view the video below.


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