Virtual collaboration: when keeping your distance saves lives.

Healthcare professionals working on the front lines in the fight against the Corona virus are also at risk of becoming infected. As a result, crucial professionals become unavailable who may have minor complaints such as coughing or sneezing, but often sit at home as a precaution and then cannot do anything, while they can work fine. Think, for example, of retired GPs who can assist. The only problem is that they are already in the vulnerable risk group. Capacity problems are therefore not optimally combatted because qualified forces cannot help, which reduces the effectiveness of care.

In times when keeping a distance can save lives, Gemvision offers its ‘remote care’ services GPs, home care agencies and other healthcare organizations that benefit from this. This allows healthcare specialists to remain active from quarantine and specialist knowledge can be deployed virtually in more places.

Video calling for remote care

Gemvision offers its own shielded helpdesk with video calling. This platform is similar to Whatsapp video calling, but offers many more options. In addition, it is 100% private and has an online dashboard that uses augmented reality technology so that remote instructions can be made even clearer. In addition, users can be grouped together to form a “team,” or use the help desk call center where specialists receive calls – anywhere in the world. All communication, information and stored photos are completely protected and do not leave the platform.

The call center function of the helpdesk

When a relatively large group of healthcare professionals receives assistance from a small group of specialists in the field, it is possible that the latter group is in discussion. A special part of the platform is the “call center dashboard”. When field workers call this help desk, they are neatly queued. They see how many people are waiting for them and other useful information. There can be an unlimited number of specialists online. And as soon as one is released, the next waiting person is automatically forwarded

Where can this be a solution?

  • At mobile test locations with volunteers, where a general practitioner, nurse or medical specialist is virtually on standby
  • If a care worker / specialist is quarantined at home, but can still offer excellent help and advice
  • If (home) care workers want to seek help from a specialist
  • If one wants to “show” what the situation is
  • If simpler care activities are outsourced. A ‘hotline’ to a specialist can then be opened. Think of nurses in training or other (junior) employees who have a backup of a general practitioner, nurse or medical specialist

Virtual tools

During the video call, the helpdesk teacher (a general practitioner, nurse or medical specialist) can use various tools to make instructions as clear as possible for the recipient in the field.

Tools during video calling:

  • Freeze the image of the conversation and draw “live” on the image or type it into the image.
  • This image can be safely stored for training or for reference
  • Share screen, to show exactly what you have on your screen
  • Zoom in digitally from “the other side”
  • Take and download screenshots
  • Record and download video stream

What now?

After completing the contact form, we will look at the details together and we go through the following steps:

  • Create platform. Gemvision helps to create an environment for an institution or general practice.
  • Create teams or call center helpdesk. This examines who should be able to communicate with whom.
  • Invite users. This gives every user access to the platform.
  • You can also call anonymously from the platform via a link that can be shared. In that case, the person in the field cannot contact himself.


  • The helpdesk dashboard (on the side of the general practitioner, nurse or medical specialist) is opened from the browser on a laptop, PC or tablet.
  • The employee in the field can download the app or access it on a mobile device via the browser.
  • Calls can now be made.


View our animation below in which we briefly explain what Gemvision can be used for, or see an example of how this solution is applied in practice. Note: In the practical example, smart glasses are used. We also support this, but the platform is also excellent to use on existing technology and there is no need to purchase a set of smart glasses separately.

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